Who We Are

10,000 Trees for the Rouge is a volunteer, non-profit group dedicated to restoring natural habitat within the Rouge Valley, located on the northeastern outskirts of Toronto. We organize a public one-day planting event each year during Earth Week. Each planting attracts over 2,000 volunteers. Since 1989, our volunteers have helped to restore over 200 acres of fragile watershed land. Our plantings protect creeks and streams in the Rouge watershed from soil erosion, helping to link existing islands of forest and extending wildlife corridors. Together we’re making a difference.

Formed in 1989 as an offshoot of Save the Rouge Valley and the Rouge Valley Foundation, 10,000 Trees now runs as an independent all-volunteer group, with Charitable Organization status. Our group is constantly growing and is recognized as one of the best tree-planting groups in Canada.

Our legacy is hands-on education and stewardship. Through our work, we hope a legacy of preservation will continue to grow for years to come. We are very proud to have introduced thousands of people to the joys of restoring wildlife habitat. Our volunteer groups learn practical skills – and people of all ages dig right in and realize they can do something for the land, wildlife and people in our city.

The chairman of 10,000 Trees for the Rouge is Robert Roszell. See his message here

Volunteers for 10000 Trees

Members of 10,000 Trees Organizing Committee

10,000 Trees for the Rouge is a proud winner of the Canon Canada Nurture Nature Awards and the Harry J. Banker Gold Leaf Award by the ISA!