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Rouge National Urban Park

10,000 Trees for the Rouge has been involved in the restoration of lands in the Rouge River Watershed since 1989. Over the years, a number of volunteers from 10,000 Trees have been involved in the Rouge Park movement including the Rouge Park Alliance and now the Rouge National Urban Park (RNUP). Many of the sites we have planted over the years are now part of the RNUP.  

We are happy to be partnering with Parks Canada to continue this tradition of land stewardship in the Rouge. Join us for our fall plantings in the RNUP!

RNUP is comprised of a rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes with many remarkable features, including: amazing biodiversity with over 1,700 species of plants and animals; some of the last remaining working farms in the Greater Toronto Area; Carolinian forests; Toronto’s only campground; one of the region’s largest marshes; unspoiled beaches; amazing hiking opportunities; and human history dating back over 10,000 years, including some of Canada's oldest known Indigenous sites and villages.

For more information, visit the RNUP website.

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