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Tree Gifts

Do you wish to give a tree or a grove of trees to someone special or for someone's special occasion? Or would you like to send your condolences by planting a tree in memory of someone or a pet? Tree gifts are a unique and lasting present that is suitable for any occasion.


A personalized certificate will be created and sent to you, so that you can let your gift recipient know that a tree, a grove of trees, or woods has been planted in their honour or in memory of their loved one.

Tree gifts are typically planted as part of our Spring Planting Event and can be planted by you personally or by our volunteers. No permanent markers or plaques are offered by 10,000 Trees.

Here are just a few occasions when a tree gift is a great idea:

  • birthdays

  • weddings

  • graduations

  • new baby

  • anniversaries

  • retirement

  • Valentine's day

  • memorials

  • pet memorials

  • party favours

  • thank you

  • client gifts

  • employee recognition


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