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Chairman's Message

Robert Roszell, chairman of 10,000 Trees for the Rouge

Robert Roszell, Chairman of 10,000 Trees for the Rouge

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will learn more about us and find a way to participate in our efforts to restore wildlife habitats in the Rouge River watershed.


10,000 Trees is a totally volunteer organization that is working to enhance the natural biological diversity of the ecosystem that surrounds the Rouge River. Planting native trees helps to offset the negative effects of our accelerating climate crisis: increasing the resilience of an ecosystem, absorbing and sequestering carbon dioxide, and assisting in flood control.


Since 1989 our organization has organized and led the planting of over 215,000 trees and shrubs. We have also assisted in the rehabilitation of one marshland that is quickly returning to a healthy state. Beginning in 2017, we have also been planting native grasses and wildflowers in order to enhance the biodiversity of the environment for native pollinators. These efforts have resulted in the rehabilitation of 250+ acres in the Rouge National Urban Park, and the Rouge River watershed.


In recent years our annual planting has attracted more than 2,000 volunteers from the community who come to participate in Canada’s largest one-day tree and wildflower planting event.


Funding for this important work comes from the generosity of our volunteers, charitable foundations, the business community, and from government agencies. Donations can be made online and, because we are now a recognized charity, tax receipts are available. Anyone can donate at any time, as well as purchase tree gifts, a great way to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.  All donations are used to support our planting projects.


In the midst of a climatic change that has been caused by anthropogenic factors, the work done by 10,000 Trees volunteers is helping to make a positive difference.  Trees planted 20 to 30 years ago are now maturing and making a huge contribution to the quality of the air in our communities. With your help we will continue to work to make a better environment for future generations.


Come, join us and make a difference.


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