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Planting Coach

If you don’t have experience planting or coaching, then be willing to learn from 10,000 Trees’ training material, hands-on training workshops, and experienced Planting Coaches

Next training workshop: April 27, 2024 at Bruce's Mill Conservation Park. Registration will begin in February 2024.


Good things to know and be able to do:

wear appropriate attire (work gloves, sun-hat, rubber boots, layered clothing, rain-gear, etc.), as all 10,000 Trees plantings proceed “Rain, snow, or shine"

  • properly plant trees, shrubs, and wildflowers and coach our Planters how to do so too
  • know where all key facilities (Bathroom Facilities, Lunch Area, First Aid Station, etc.) are, and be able to direct your Planters to them
  • be safe, learn, have fun, and do whatever you can to make everyone’s (and your) experience an enjoyable and memorable one
  • bring and use tools such as pocket-knife (for cutting ropes securing tree bundles), clip-board (for holding site map), permanent marker (for marking tags)
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