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Event Setup Committee Member

There are five (5) openings for the volunteer role of Event Setup Committee Member, and the Chair of the Committee provides leadership, guidance, and support.


​The Event Setup Committee is responsible for the planning and the physical setup of the services and equipment that support the planting event. Between September and April, the committee is responsible for communicating and coordinating with external parties to ensure all permits, services and equipment are obtained for the event.


During the weeks leading up to the planting event, the Committee will help to set-up all of the services and equipment outside of the planting area, including:

  • Registration and Education Tents and tables

  • Picnic tables and garbage/recycling bins

  • Portable toilets and sinks

  • Road signs and traffic management

  • Directional signage

  • Bus shuttle pick-up area

  • Barbecue Tent & Trailer


The estimated time commitments for this role are:

  • September through March: 1 - 2 hours per month

  • During the two weeks prior to the planting event: 5 - 10 hours 

  • Saturday and/or Sunday of the planting event: 5 - 10 hours


Good-to-have knowledge and/or experience:

  • Positive attitude and a passion for tree planting and community engagement


Click HERE to sign up as a volunteer member of the Event Setup Committee