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Tree Planter

Do you just want to plant trees, help our environment, have fun, and don’t mind getting a little mud on your boots? And can you spare a few hours on Sun, May 3rd, 2020? If “YES!”, then Tree Planter is the volunteer role for you, because we have thousands of trees, tons of fun, and more than enough mud!


There are 2,000 openings for this role, and the role is supported by 10,000 Trees' 100 Planting Coaches 

Be sure to dress appropriately for site & weather conditions (e.g. hat, gloves, raincoat, water-resistant footwear/boots, etc.) as 10,000 Trees plantings take place rain or shine.

Click here to pre-register as an individual or as a group before our Sun, May 3rd, 2020 planting, and then come out on May 3rd and plant as many trees, shrubs, and wildflowers as you like!