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10,000 Trees Education / Public Engagement Committee Volunteer Role Description:


 The role of a volunteer on the Education and Engagement Committee at 10,000 Trees is one of the newest and therefore it is still evolving. Join us and carve out your own niche! You will still have time to participate in “hands on” tree planting and be invited to join in other fun, on-site jobs, meeting many other like-minded volunteers! All Education Committee roles are fully supported by the 10,000 Trees Director of Education/Engagement, who formally reports monthly to the Leadership Team. The entire Education/Engagement committee meets in the fall to set goals for the following year. Smaller task groups then meet as needed. “All hands on deck” if possible for the annual planting day/weekend. (May 2nd and 3rd, 2020)


There are four main interest areas:

1. The 10,000 Trees Discovery Den (Information booth)

2. Discovery Alley (A series of community environmental education information booths)

3. Educational Publications

4. SHSM and other Secondary School Students’ Educational Opportunities

1.     Discovery Den Managers 

We are looking for 9 task oriented, collaborative, creative, patient, outgoing people with positive personalities. This is an approximately 25 hour commitment, spread out sporadically throughout the year. (Except summer months.)

Expectations: Meet as needed to plan and create engaging child/youth and adult activities for the booth. (Some computer generated materials.)

Gather natural materials prior to and help erect the tent/shelter and tables on the day before the event.

Set up and take down the Discovery Den (booth display) on the planting day.

Take a shift at the Den (booth) on planting day to facilitate activities and exchange information with the public.

Count visitors to the 10,000 Trees Discovery Den with a tally counter.

Help staff the booth at other community events throughout the year if needed.

Optional and pending on funding: Take a shift and dress up as the 10,000 Trees mascot for photo opportunities with the public. (Professional costume provided.)

Help produce final report with recommendations.


2. Discovery Alley Coordinator(s):

We are looking for 1 or 2 administrator types...well-organized people with moderate computer skills (emails, attachments, spreadsheets) and outgoing / positive personalities. This is an approximately 60 hour time commitment spread sporadically throughout the year excluding summer months.

Responsibilities: Manage and maintain email list of prospective and participating organizations.

Send out “save the date” notices to prospective organizations.

Send out invitations, site maps, confirmations, facilitate and maintain informational communications and answer ongoing questions.

On planting day, greet organizations and direct them to their location.

Be an ambassador throughout the planting day to make organizations feel welcome, field their questions, orientate them to the site, ensure they participate in the free lunch BBQ etc.

Send out thank you notes and a digital questionnaire evaluating the day to organizations.

Produce a final report and participate in monthly leadership meetings as needed or providing brief, monthly updates.


3. Educational Publications Team Members:  We are looking for 3 people who like to collaborate and have excellent computer / graphic skills. These volunteers need to be interested in research and perhaps being a liaison with the marketing committee. Website development skills are an asset. It is difficult to estimate the commitment of time because of the nature of the projects but count on donating least 20 hours of time and talent.

Expectations: Produce maps and informational posters about 10,000 Trees work and importance of trees for display in the Discovery Den

Develop resources that can be linked to or featured on the 10,000 Trees website.

Design a 10,000 Trees brochure.

Create and maintain plant material weather proof signage. (Template provided.)

Liaison with Standard Auto people resources as needed and 10,000 Trees official photographer.


4. SHSM (Specialist High Skills Majors) and other Secondary School Students’ Educational Opportunities:

This is a new pilot program and to date, jobs have been covered by experienced Planting Coaches, the Chair and  Director of Education/Engagement of 10,000 Trees. Opportunities may open soon! Have any ideas you wish to see come true?


To sign up for any of the above four Education Committee roles, click here.