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Education Outreach

There are four Education-Outreach volunteer roles, all of which will receive the guidance and support of 10,000 Trees Director of Education. 


All Education-Outreach roles require volunteers to:

•    Be comfortable talking to individuals and small groups of people of all ages

•    Be flexible, positive, and collaborative in nature

•    Be able to use computers and have a working knowledge/ basic understanding of Microsoft Office suites. 

•    Be available to attending orientation/training and support pre-event set up on the Saturday prior to the Sunday public planting day and on planting day Sunday 

•    Be able to meet “as needed” throughout the year, excluding summer months. Most meetings to plan and co-ordinate activities take place once a month (Sept to May) during evening hours


1. Discovery Den (Information Booth) Staff: An approximate 30 hour commitment.


•    Plan and create engaging activities for children and adults using natural and computer generated materials. 

•    Take a shift at the Den on planting day, facilitating activities and exchanging information with the public 

•    Count visitors with a tally counter.

•    Be open to help staff the booth at other community events throughout the year if needed.

•    Help to produce the final report with recommendations.


Optional: Take a shift to dress up as the 10,000 Trees mascot for social media photo opportunities. (Professional costume provided) Take a turn planting a few trees.


2. Discovery Alley Coordinator(s): An approximate 70 hour commitment. 


•    Manage and maintain email list of prospective and participating organizations.

•    Send out “save the date” notices to prospective organizations and related follow up responses

•    Send out site maps, confirmations, facilitate and maintain communications with participating organizations.

•    On planting day, greet/orientate organizations and direct them to their location for set up.

•    Be an ambassador throughout the planting day to make organizations feel welcome, field their questions and ensure they participate any related activities. 

•    Send out thank you notes and a digital questionnaire evaluating the day to participating organizations. 

•    Participate in monthly leadership meetings as needed by providing brief, monthly updates.

•    Prepare and produce final report related outlining findings and recommendations.


3. Educational Publications Team Members:  An approximate 20 hour commitment.


•    Produce maps and informational posters for Den and planting sites.

•    Develop resources that can be linked to the 10,000 Trees website.

•    Work with others to create educational You-tube  Videos, PR materials and Power Point presentations etc.

•    Liaison with 10,000 Trees Marketing Committee Volunteers and Photographer


Optional: Helping to staff the Discovery Den on planting day and take part in planting and other activities


4. School Group Ambassadors: An approximate 30 hour commitment.


•    Participate as a part time Discovery Den Staff

•    Greet/Orientate/Escort school groups (Elementary and Secondary) on site to facilitate a meaningful field trip experience for students on the planting day. This may include secondary school students being evaluated for a SHSM Tree Planting Certificate.

•    Liaison with 10,000 Trees Education Director who maintains ongoing communication with school groups    

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