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Restoring wildlife habitat since 1989

Join 10,000 Trees at one of our planting events

General Instructions

Registration is required. There are three types of tickets available to the public: ‘Adult’, ‘Adult with Minor/s’ or
‘Planting Coach’. All tickets are offered first-come-first-served. Only sign up for ONE ticket per adult.

Adult tickets are for those participants over 18 who are not supervising any minors.

Adult with Minor/s tickets are for those participants who are supervising minors under 18. For families,
please note that only one of the parents is required to sign up for an ‘Adult with Minor/s’ ticket. For
groups, we ask that you ensure an appropriate ratio of adults to minors.

Planting Coach tickets are only for experienced tree planters who guide small groups of tree planters by
demonstrating proper tree planting technique. If you have planted with us a couple of times and are an
outgoing and enthusiastic individual, we encourage you to consider volunteering as a Planting Coach.
Optional hands-on training on April 29th and a training manual will be provided.


Join us at Hillmount Park, Markham – April 29 - 30, 2023 for our Annual Earth Week Community
Planting to plant 3200 trees and shrubs. We are looking for 1000 volunteers! Please Note: April 29th is
a Set-up Day – we will be moving plants and shovels into the field and setting up tents. April 30th will
be the primary tree planting day.

Start Time: April 29th – 8:00 AM (set-up day) & April 30th – 9:00 AM or 1:30 PM (tree planting)

Gathering Area: Meet at Hillmount Park – southwest of Hillmount Road and Markland Street

Parking: Park at Giesecke & Devrient, 316 Markland Street

To register, click on one of the buttons below. Please read all of the instructions in Eventbrite before signing up. 


What to Bring: Shovel, Bucket (2 or 5 gallon), Water bottle, Eventbrite Ticket

What to Wear: Long pants, boots/sturdy footwear and gloves.

Washrooms: Portable toilets will be available on-site.



Join us at Robinson Creek, Markham – May 27, 2023 to plant 400 plants and to add to our 2022
planting site. We are looking for 100 volunteers to help us!

Please bring your own shovel for this event!

Start Time: May 27 – 9:00 AM

Registration will begin in the first week of April.

Gathering Area: North side of Castlemore Ave, 150 metres west of McCowan Road (immediately west of
Prince Charles Way)

Parking: Parking is available in the residential community to the west – along Stonebridge Drive,
Castlemore (west of Stonebridge Drive only), Glenhaven St, Hillwood St. A 5 minute walk is required, so
please plan to arrive early. Please remember to respect all parking rules.


What to Bring: Shovel, Bucket (2 or 5 gallon), Water bottle, Eventbrite Ticket

What to Wear: Long pants, boots/sturdy footwear and gloves.

Washroom: No washroom is available on-site. Please plan accordingly.

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