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Wildflower Coach

Do you have a passion for planting?  Do you want to share your love of gardening and knowledge with others? Then, please join us in creating a bio-diverse habitat in our community.

Approximate time commitment: 

  • 2 hours on planting day, to greet your assigned group of 5-10 Planters, lead them to the designated wildflower planting beds, and to demonstrate how to safely and properly plant wildflowers


Good things to know and be able to do:

  • be able to properly plant wildflowers and coach our Planters how to do so too

  • be able to bring trowel or small shovel, knee pads, and bug repellent

  • be appropriately attired (work gloves, sun-protection, rubber boots, layered clothing, rain-gear, etc.) as all 10,000 Trees events proceed rain or shine

  • be able to direct your Planters to all key facilities (washrooms, lunch area, water-refilling station, first aid station, etc.) 

Our Wildflower Planting Managers will provide you with training materials and any support you need to make your experience an enjoyable and successful one.

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